Conveniently located in West Falmouth across from the Hannaford Shopping Center, just off exit 53 of the Maine Turnpike. We provide the highest quality, individualized care in the Portland area.

ADVANCED TRAINING: All Atlantic PT therapists hold advanced training certification in Dry Needling, in addition to advanced training in Graston Technique, Spinal Manipulation, and other advanced soft tissue treatments. We are able to offer a wide variety of treatment options, based on each individual patient’s needs.

POST OPERATIVE CARE: When you are recovering from your orthopedic surgery (shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, etc), our focus is to restore your function, and help you to return to your life without restrictions. Our therapists have established lasting relationships with our area orthopedic surgeons, and have extensive experience with their post operative rehabilitation protocols.

Acute and Chronic Lower Back and Neck Pain: Our therapist are trained to quickly and efficiently determine impairments which contribute to back and neck pain. We integrate a variety of manual therapy techniques, coupled with corrective exercise, to achieve superb results.

Sports Injuries/Tendinosis/Bursitis: Atlantic Physical Therapy offers same day/next day appointments, to be able to address sports injuries and acute injury as quickly as possible. Whether you’re a Weekend Warrior, or a competitive athlete, we can help you with your recovery.

Vestibular Rehabilitation including Repositioning Techniques: Feeling dizzy? Imbalanced? Our therapists can help! We have specialty training and certification as Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialists, including treatment of BPPV, balance dysfunction, and Concussion Management.

Cost Effective and Responsible Care: High Copay, High deductible? Self Pay? Medicare? Compare our average cost and outcomes to your local hospital based services. Go to and compare for yourself.



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